Maintaining a healthy smile is often as simple as making a commitment to visit your dentist for twice annual dental checkups and cleanings. At Red Bridge Family Dental, we love guiding our patients and their families toward healthy, beautiful smiles. We encourage you to visit us regardless of your current state of oral health. Our dentists and dental team feel equally enthusiastic about assisting you in maintaining your current smile or providing treatment to improve problem areas, such as tooth decay or cosmetic imperfections. Dr. Murray will work one-on-one with you to create customized care plans.


Preventive dentistry concentrates on helping you avoid the development of oral health issues, rather than waiting to treat them once they arise. Prevention partly includes your efforts in home dental hygiene with brushing and flossing. For full preventive protection against the need for future restorative care, we suggest six-month dental checkups and dental cleanings. Monitoring your health and removing plaque prevents problems like tooth decay and gum disease from occurring. We also offer comprehensive children’s dental care, so your little one’s teeth grow in healthy and strong.


Cosmetic dentistry facilitates your goals to achieve a more beautiful smile that complements your facial features. By speaking with you about your smile goals, we may address aesthetic imperfections like minor damage, spacing, unsightly tooth shape, asymmetry, discoloration and stains, or tooth loss, to improve your appearance and confidence.


Restorative dentistry relies on treatments that restore your smile’s optimal health. The goal is to address the underlying cause, such as infection or tooth decay, and to repair the structure of your teeth, gums, or supportive tissues. For example, we may address a tooth with a severe cavity by removing the tooth decay before covering and protecting the tooth with a beautiful dental crown.