Dentures restore smiles of patients suffering from severe or complete tooth loss. Unlike dental bridges, complete dentures are removable prosthetics that replace full arches of missing teeth. The prosthetic rests over your dental ridge, relying on natural suction for support. Partial dentures offer similar benefits, replacing several teeth and relying on support from remaining natural teeth.

About Dentures

Complete Dentures

This custom-designed prosthetic is crafted to rest comfortably over your top or bottom dental ridge for comprehensive teeth replacement. Crafted out of high-quality acrylic or plastic, the pink base blends with your gum tissue and supports a full series of lifelike teeth replacements.

Partial Dentures

Similar to complete dentures, this prosthetic commonly known simply as a “partial” is composed of a minimal portion of high-quality plastic or acrylic to represent gum or palate tissue. Partials are fitted with metal clasps that rest securely over remaining natural teeth for stability. The prosthetics replace teeth in multiple configurations, working in harmony with your remaining teeth to fill open spaces.

The Benefits of Dentures

Complete dentures and partial dentures efficiently replace teeth, providing the following benefits:

  • Your smile will appear uniform and beautiful for a boost in confidence
  • Denture prosthetics offer cost-effective teeth replacement
  • Dentures are non-invasive and may be removable
  • You will regain your ability to chew comfortably, reducing your risk of malnutrition
  • Replacing teeth restores your ability to speak clearly

The Implant-Retained Option

Similar to replacing a single tooth with a dental crown supported by a dental implant, strategically placed implant posts may support either complete or partial dentures. Dental implants are replacements for your teeth’s roots, and can support your partial or complete denture with lifelike stability and comfort.


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