Dental Bridges


Tooth loss in all of its forms can take a hefty toll on daily life. Even patients missing a single tooth may begin experiencing difficulty with effective chewing, articulate speaking, and successful daily oral hygiene. Fortunately, we offer dental bridges to address one missing tooth or a series of missing, neighboring teeth. By completing your smile with a beautiful dental prosthetic, you can improve both the beauty of your smile as well as your quality of life.

About Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a single, fixed device that permanently replaces your missing teeth. The unit is composed of natural-looking artificial teeth color-matched to the surrounding teeth for a seamless finish. On either end of the bridge rests a dental crown, which we will place over the tooth (abutment tooth) that sits on either side of the open space. Once placed, the crowns anchor and support the bridge’s “pontics” – the teeth replacements that literally bridge the open gap in your smile.

Dental Bridge Benefits

Dental bridges offer patients many advantages beyond the obvious cosmetic improvement and boost in confidence. Consider the ways in which choosing a bridge to restore your smile may enhance your daily experience and long-term oral health:

  • Bridges close the gap in your smile, preventing debris from becoming trapped for effective, less challenging dental hygiene
  • A bridge acts as a placeholder, preventing your remaining natural teeth from shifting toward the open space
  • You will enjoy successful, comfortable chewing
  • Bridges restore the ability to enunciate your words more effectively


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