Cosmetic Dentistry


Small esthetic imperfections can disrupt the overall beauty of your smile. From color to uniformity and alignment, a myriad of blemishes or minor damage may cause you to feel disappointed in your smile’s appearance. At Red Bridge Family Dental, we offer cosmetic dentistry treatments that address a diverse range of visual concerns. We will work with you in a collaborative effort to identify the aspects of your smile that displease you, then create a customized treatment plan to bring out and highlight your smile’s natural beauty.

Improving Your Smile

When it comes to feeling your best about the way you present yourself to the world, confidence in your smile is essential. Choosing to improve your smile can have a significantly positive impact on many parts of your life, from your professional confidence to your comfort in social settings. We offer a customized selection of treatments and effective systems to beautify your smile while protecting your oral health, including:


Dr. Murray and our team at Red Bridge Family dental thank you for choosing us as your dental care provider and look forward to meeting you and your family. With a strong focus on patient comfort, we provide comprehensive dental services to address the needs of every family member, including preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as dental implants. We encourage you to visit us for preventive care, so we may assist you in maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come. Contact us at your convenience: (816) 943-0600.