Bonding and Contouring


Even a single minor imperfection like a short tooth or a chip may interrupt an otherwise uniform smile. Bonding and contouring provide patients with cost-effective solutions to addressing cosmetic damage, or esthetic problems that do not threaten oral health. If you are interested in making minor adjustments for a significant improvement to your smile’s appearance, learn more about whether bonding and contouring are well suited to your needs.

About Bonding

What can I expect?

Bonding is an additive cosmetic treatment that improves minor tooth damage or camouflages esthetic concerns. To complete the procedure, we will apply layers of composite, an acrylic resin material, to the target area. By molding the composite into the desired shape, we will restore the cosmetic value and structure of your tooth. After drying the bonded area with a curing light, we will polish your tooth for a beautiful finish.

The benefits of bonding

Bonding creates the additional tissue where your tooth needs it most. We may suggest it to fill spaces between your teeth, to camouflage chips and cracks, to extend a tooth that appears shorter than the rest, or to cover stains, among other things.

About Contouring

What can I expect?

Contouring is a subtractive treatment that softens or reshapes unsightly teeth or problem areas. With the use of a polishing tool, we will remove a miniscule portion of your tooth’s outermost layer, called enamel, to reshape your tooth. The procedure is simple and comfortable and typically does not require a local anesthetic.

The benefits of contouring

Dental contouring removes a small amount of tooth tissue where you suffer from problems regarding tooth shape and texture. We may recommend contouring for a pointy or jagged tooth, mildly overlapping teeth, a tooth that appears longer than the rest, or an asymmetrical smile line.


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